Weekly Wonders! #18

Sorry for missing last weeks Weekly Wonders! post, life has just been a bit hectic. There’s no one thing thats caused it to get so busy I think it had just been a bit of a mad week, which kind of feels like a theme at the moment – this week was busy, next week will be busy and then the week after that the puppies are due and I’ll be off work playing midwife and doing some serious life admin…phew…BUT at least Spring seems to have finally made an appearance. Everything is better when it’s sunny! Read more

Weekly Wonders! #17

I know I’ve said this in the last few Weekly Wonders! posts but where has the week gone? I’ve given up having To Do list at the moment as I feel like I barely get in the door from work and get dinner and house stuff done before going to bed, let along anything else. I have had a very very busy weekend, I was up at 6:45am yesterday…ON A SATURDAY…and I have not had a nap all weekend – bet I pay for that this week!

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Weekly Wonders! #14

Ahh it feels good to get back into doing a Weekly Wonder! post, I do like having a routine. It’s been a bit of a challenging week hormone wise (I missed one pill as I fell asleep super early and my body has got all confused and I’m suffering aches and pains all over) but other than that it’s been pretty uneventful. Fizz is being really clingy and snuggly at the moment so we’re hoping it’s all good signs that she is pregnant – fingers crossed. Other than that life has been pretty run of the mill this week!

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Weekly Wonders! Link Party #13

This week has gone past in a blur, I can barely remember what I’ve done, I checked Instagram to try to jog my memory but it turns out I haven’t posted there all week either! We’ve had a busy weekend though – yesterday I moved all of the first floor around so that we now have a new bedroom and a nearly empty spare room (a lot more decluttering has been done!) and today I had a play date with Phoebe, a quick shop at Tesco and a well deserved nap with the doggo.

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