My Thoughts On…Gousto

We are on a fairly strict budget at the moment (due to be getting stricter even further from now on!) and because of this we don’t have a lavish food budget. I love the idea of having ingredients delivered and ready to use by companies like Gousto but it can be a fairly expensive way to eat depending on your normal spending habits.

I was lucky enough to be able to try out a 2 meal Guosto box for free this week so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the recipes I tried and if it’s good value for money.

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Weekly Wonders! #20

I’m going to do the ultimate blogger cliché and apologize for not blogging more lately! I know it’s my blog and I can write as often or little as I like but I want to be writing more, I just haven’t had the time – I’ve had the whole of this past week off and feel like I have got nothing done at all (I’ve been looking after puppies and helping my sister prepare for my nieces birthday party but I’ve not got any of the stuff on my To Do list done) I promise to do better in the coming weeks!

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Weekly Wonders! #19

If you have seen any of my posts on here or social media since Friday you will know that I am currently running on chocolate, tea and adrenaline because THE PUPPIES CAME EARLY!! Fizz is adapting really well to being a mum and doesn’t need much interfering from us which means I can potter around the house and the garden for the next week without having to hover around their box too much. I’m hoping to get lots of blogging done and have a good organize of the house.

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