4 Ways You Are Spending Money Without Even Noticing!

How many times have you gone to check your bank account balance, only to be shocked by numbers which look way too low? If this sounds familiar, you are certainly not the only one! Even people who think that they know what they are doing financially can get end up spending money without even realising. Here are just a few of the things that could be draining your bank account balance.

Forgetting to Cancel Free Trials

Everyone loves a free trial, right? The problem is that many of these schemes end up automatically charging your credit card once the trial is over, so you need to remember to cancel in time. Set a reminder on your phone or on your calendar that highlights exactly when the free trial is due to end. Better still, if you know that you don’t want to continue with membership, you could always cancel the trial immediately after signing up, allowing you to continue with the benefits while giving you the peace of mind that you won’t be charged extra.

Bank Fees and Late Charges

Overdrafts and ATM fees can quickly add up over time, causing you to be hit in the pocket. The same goes for late charges if you don’t repay any outstanding loans or bills on time. You could always look to tackle the problem on debtconsolidation.co. You could also look into switching bank accounts to a provider which is less strict when it comes to charging you for overdrafts etc. Automate your bill payments and they will come out of your account automatically rather than you having to remember to do this every month.

Spending on Big Nights Out

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The more big nights out that you have with lots of food and alcohol, the more likely it is that you will spend a lot of money. Not only do you have to think about those pricey cocktails, there are also things like getting a taxi, entry fees, and buying food at the end of the night. Drinking obviously impairs your judgement and makes you feel richer than you are, but so too does being around other people who are spending a lot. So, you could always suggest to your friends that you enjoy more nights in rather than heading out all the time. You could also consider not drinking so that you keep your wits about you!

Falling into the Convenience Trap

While the internet is a great way to save money, it is also a place in which you can pay a lot for convenience. The food delivered directly to your door. The delivery charges for packages. The UBER costs. Saving money is something which takes care and attention, so if you are really looking to cut back on your monthly expenses, you may have to take the slightly more difficult option from time to time.

Spending money without noticing is extremely common, but these are just a few of the things which could be costing you with you realising.

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