Hello! I’m Charlotte and at the very moment of writing this (Christmas Eve 2016) I am a 28 years, 8 months and 4 days old blogger living in Essex with my husband and dog, Fizz.
I have a penchant for tea and sleep mainly…but I also like dogs, crafting, spreadsheets, sparkly nail varnish, succulents & cacti, hoarding cosmetics and toiletries, taking naps with my dog, Gilmore Girls, anything potato based and sending silly snap chats to my 18month old niece.

About Mushaville

I started Mushaville.com in October 2016 after realising how much I missed blogging! I had taken time away from blogging and social media after a difficult time money and job wise in late 2015 after being made redundant and then starting a new job that saw me travelling half way up the country for at least a week a month for minimum wage (nearly £9k less than I was on prior) – I was not in the frame of mind to do much more than just wake, work, sleep,repeat let alone blog. As with all things though our luck soon changed and in September 2016 I found myself with a new job in a field with security, a good wage, easy commute, nice colleagues…yup, I did the thing most people would dread and got a job with my husband…literally 20ft away from him…

So, with less stress, more free time and a need to get away from the husband in the evening I set my office up again (I stole 80% of his music room to do so but he loves me and stuff so its fine…plus I did it when he was out for the day) and got back on the blogging bandwagon.

Mushaville is a lifestyle blog but more-so it is my lifestyle blog so it has a whole mixture of things going on from cute dog pics to crafting to chat about money saving/budgeting and how I try my best to tackle my spot prone combination skin. I can’t force my blogging into a niche because my mind doesnt fit into a niche – I know its like the no.1 blogging sin to not have a niche but I don’t really care.


What type of dog is Fizz?

She is a Miniature Dachshund

Where does the name Mushaville and Musha come from?

I’ve been doing this blogging thing on and off for quiet a while now, almost 8 years in fact, (you can still find some of those blogs floating around on the interwebs somewhere) but while my interests and hobbies have changed one thing has always stuck, the name ‘Musha’ – resulting in the tag line ‘If its got Musha in front of it you can guarantee I’m behind it!’ It’s from a Feist song Mushaboom, I don’t remember why I liked the song or word so much but it firmly stuck in my mind and has been a kind of trademark for me ever since.

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