Too big to get comfortable and too tired to care #pupdate

This has pretty much been Fizzs default position for the past 3 days. I’m so glad she’s only got a few days (hopefully!) to go as she’s starting to get uncomfortable now, bless her.

She is really tired and has actually taken herself off to bed early a few nights which is something she would never normally do. Her time on the sofa is either spent sprawled out like the photo or snuggled up next to me so that I can give her scratches/strokes whilst she snores and the puppies kick me from every angle.

It’s super weird feeling puppies rolling around in her tummy, I can feel someone up in her ribs and at least two down in her hips I think. No wonder she sighs and huffs every time someone starts wriggling.

She’s been ‘decorating’ the Puppy Nursery with blankets and rearranging how I’ve placed them in there, we’ve actually found her asleep in it a few times now so at least we know she likes it – we’re actually tempted to take away her normal bed just so she sleeps in the Nursery for the rest of the time, maybe we’ll try that once we move my bed downstairs.

It’s just a waiting game now, her first due date is exactly a week away but she could go early, we’ve started taking her temperature twice a day to look for a drop which should signal that labour is imminent in the next 24 hours but according to most of the books and friends online the most sure sign of an impending labour is when she goes off her food (if you’ve ever had or known a Dachshund then you know how odd it sounds to say that they will refuse/go off of their food!)

I’ve decided to move my ‘Puppy Maternity Leave’ forward a few days so my last day at work is tomorrow, that way I can spend some extra time with her and make sure she’s ok…no doubt she’ll spend most of the time sleeping but I guess I can always get some housework done!

Who wants to start guessing how many pups there will be?

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