Weekly Wonders! #19

If you have seen any of my posts on here or social media since Friday you will know that I am currently running on chocolate, tea and adrenaline because THE PUPPIES CAME EARLY!! Fizz is adapting really well to being a mum and doesn’t need much interfering from us which means I can potter around the house and the garden for the next week without having to hover around their box too much. I’m hoping to get lots of blogging done and have a good organize of the house.

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Weekly Wonders! #18

Sorry for missing last weeks Weekly Wonders! post, life has just been a bit hectic. There’s no one thing thats caused it to get so busy I think it had just been a bit of a mad week, which kind of feels like a theme at the moment – this week was busy, next week will be busy and then the week after that the puppies are due and I’ll be off work playing midwife and doing some serious life admin…phew…BUT at least Spring seems to have finally made an appearance. Everything is better when it’s sunny! Read more

Weekly Wonders! #17

I know I’ve said this in the last few Weekly Wonders! posts but where has the week gone? I’ve given up having To Do list at the moment as I feel like I barely get in the door from work and get dinner and house stuff done before going to bed, let along anything else. I have had a very very busy weekend, I was up at 6:45am yesterday…ON A SATURDAY…and I have not had a nap all weekend – bet I pay for that this week!

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Weekly Wonders! Link Party #15

It’s been a long week in the Musha Household, nothing spectacular has happened but I’ve been feeling a bit unwell and lethargic (hormones more than likely), the dog has been clingy (also hormones we hope) and I’ve not felt very organised; it’s been a cycle of get up, go to work, get home, eat , sleep and repeat. Next week should be much more exciting though!

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