Garden Update – April 2017

Our two big jobs for the next few months are converting our workshop into a gym and preparing the garden for a full redesign next year.

Converting the workshop is our first task as we’d like to have it as a fully functioning gym by December as that is when we can cancel our local gym membership. We have spent most of the last few weekends emptying it out (it seems that it had becoming the dumping ground for anyone in the family who needed to store stuff for the past few years!) and preparing it to start work on.

You can just about see in this photo that we have half blocked up an old door way on the left hand side we also blocked up a bit of a redundant window that was on the right side of the building (it pointed out to that super dark triangle space you can see under the pink blossom tree). The half blocked doorway will have a full pane UPVC window going in to let some more light into the room and the wooden double doors will be replaced with sliding glass french doors.

We’re hoping that the windows and doors will be in by the end of May/beginning of June time – we’re cashflowing all of the gym and garden work so it’s all very much as and when we have the money.

The main work on the garden won’t start until we have all of the gym done but I’m going to try my best to keep it looking as neat as possible in the mean time and clearing areas so that we can see where the work will be done. I’m hoping that this means I can give regular ‘Garden Updates’ over the next few months to show you the progress.

Fingers Crossed that I can get some work done on the garden during my Puppy Maternity Leave!

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