Introducing the Puppies! #pupdate

The puppies are now 5 days old and doing brilliantly! Fizz is the perfect mummy and is making sure everyone is fed and cleaned, I’ve stopped doing my midnight, 3am and 6am checks (Fizz was getting a bit annoyed at me coming downstairs and waking everyone up to make sure they were still breathing)

They are putting on weight as they should be and spend most of their time feeding and sleeping. We weigh them every evening around 6pm before they have their ‘dinner’ feed and decided to do a little Family Photoshoot with them tonight.

Let me introduce you to Fizzs babies!

Duke is our sleepy boy, he eats and sleeps…thats about it. We believe he was born first (we missed the first two pups being born!) and is the middle puppy in weight at the moment. He likes to be snuggled up tight to the other or buried underneath them. He’s quiet happy to be flipped on his back and cradled like a little furry baby.

Luna is our gorgeous girly, she is currently the smallest but is gaining weight steadily. She likes to snuggle right up to her brother faces but she does not like being on her back – she will flip straight over again. She will whinge a little if she can’t find a teat to feed on but is generally a relaxed little lady.

Chunk is our big boy, he was the last born and is gaining the most weight day on day. He is a voracious feeder and will whinge and moan if he can’t find a teat and then chirps when he finally latches on and feeds – he is noisy! He doesn’t have a proper name yet as his new family haven’t settled on one so he’s being referred to as Chunk or Big Boy. He has lots of rolls of puppy fat and looks like a teeny tiny Rottweiler!

This is Fizzs face most of the time the puppies are feeding, she is worn out and still feeling pretty hormonal but she is slowly getting back to her normal self. I miss my cuddles with her but she has an important job to do for the next few weeks ao I’m settling for a quick hug and kiss every now and then before she rushes back to the babies.

I’m trying to get as may photos of their little features as possible as I don’t want to forget anything from this newborn stage. You can kind of see from this photo that their little ears are sealed up they have teeny tiny needle sharp claws on their beany paws. I am so in love with them.

Have you ever seen more adorable puppies?

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