Weekly Wonders! #18

Sorry for missing last weeks Weekly Wonders! post, life has just been a bit hectic. There’s no one thing thats caused it to get so busy I think it had just been a bit of a mad week, which kind of feels like a theme at the moment – this week was busy, next week will be busy and then the week after that the puppies are due and I’ll be off work playing midwife and doing some serious life admin…phew…BUT at least Spring seems to have finally made an appearance. Everything is better when it’s sunny! Read more

How to Build a Whelping Box #pupdate

How To Build a Whelping Box

If you search for ‘Whelping Box’ on Amazon then plenty come up; cardboard ones, plastic ones, split cages – you can spend anything from £30-£170 on them! Knowing Fizz I knew she wouldn’t like a wire one (she isn’t crate trained as she hated them when we tried), she wouldn’t like plastic as it’s too hard and she would tear up cardboard plus some of them seemed so expensive for what they were sooo I decided to make a custom one for her (using up a lot of supplies that we already had!) – so, here’s How To Build a Whelping Box Mushaville style!

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