Weekly Wonders! Link Party #13

This week has gone past in a blur, I can barely remember what I’ve done, I checked Instagram to try to jog my memory but it turns out I haven’t posted there all week either! We’ve had a busy weekend though – yesterday I moved all of the first floor around so that we now have a new bedroom and a nearly empty spare room (a lot more decluttering has been done!) and today I had a play date with Phoebe, a quick shop at Tesco and a well deserved nap with the doggo.

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Weekly Wonders! Link Party #11

I’m actually cheating and writing this last year (23:07pm on 31st December 2016 to be exact) as I think I’m going to be a bit too busy tomorrow morning to sit down at the laptop. Dean has gone out to a friends for the night and I offered to have Phoebe so that my sister could go out whilst her other half works, so no doubt my first morning of the year will start bright and early with shouts of ‘Morning Char Char, Tea n Peppa PEASSEEEE’

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Weekly Wonders! Link Party #9

It’s a bit of a DIY and craft focused Weekly Wonders this week, I’ve spent a lot of my free evenings in the office sorting through my craft bits and pieces ready for #ProjectDestash in the new year so maybe that’s why! I also managed to go through a few shelves and get rid of some books and DVD’s we no longer need – I made £50 in 30mins!

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