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We are on a fairly strict budget at the moment (due to be getting stricter even further from now on!) and because of this we don’t have a lavish food budget. I love the idea of having ingredients delivered and ready to use by companies like Gousto but it can be a fairly expensive way to eat depending on your normal spending habits.

I was lucky enough to be able to try out a 2 meal Guosto box for free this week so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the recipes I tried and if it’s good value for money.

Each meal comes with all the ingredients needed an a cooking instruction sheet, it works out to around £13.70 a meal (for 2 people).

The first recipe we tried was Honey Baked Gammon. All of the ingredients come per-portioned and individually packaged, I did have a small issues with there being a tiny crack in the pot the mustard was in but it didn’t leak too much.

The quality of the ingredients was nice, although I would have liked a bigger cut of gammon if I’m honest, and it was easy to follow the instructions.

The gammon came out lovely and we both really enjoyed the meal, I’d definitely try the recipe again.

The next recipe I tried was the Chorizo Tortizzas, I’d class this as more of a snack recipe than a meal and although it was nice it really wasn’t worth the money – I think I could probably recreate it for £3/4 instead of the £13.70 they charge.

So, my thoughts…

I did like the ease of having the ingredients delivered straight to the door but I really don’t think I could justify the cost of £13.70 for a 2 person meal, they were lovely recipes but there were no leftovers and I normally create a 2 person meal with some leftovers for (at the maximum) £5 a meal.

If it was a service that offered ingredients for starters, mains and a desert then I would maybe consider it if we had people over for dinner BUT in the same vein you can get some brilliant ‘dine in meals for 2’ deals in the supermarkets for around £10

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Post written in collaboration with Gousto

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