Weekly Wonders! #14

Ahh it feels good to get back into doing a Weekly Wonder! post, I do like having a routine. It’s been a bit of a challenging week hormone wise (I missed one pill as I fell asleep super early and my body has got all confused and I’m suffering aches and pains all over) but other than that it’s been pretty uneventful. Fizz is being really clingy and snuggly at the moment so we’re hoping it’s all good signs that she is pregnant – fingers crossed. Other than that life has been pretty run of the mill this week!

Without further ado here’s some of the links I’ve loved from around the internet this week;

  • I’m amazed that people can do such amazing work just with paper, I’d love something like this in a box frame for a quirky gallery wall display  {Image 1}
  • Who doesn’t need a dragon egg candle holder {Image 2}
  • A modern twist on the classic ‘Best Friends’ necklace{Image 3}
  • “Papercraft duo Zim & Zou are back at it with one of their most grandiose installations yet for Hermès in Dubai. Each piece is a miniature paper village populated with tiny characters, one centered around towers of fungi, the other based around blooming lotus flowers” {Image 4}
  • This almost make me want to eat yogurt…almost {Image 5}
  • If only this was acceptable as breakfast every day! {Image 6}
  • I do love a good patchwork quilt {Image 7}
  • I’m not usually one for novelty bags but I think this one is quiet understated…considering its an apple {Image 8}
  • The pigment of these eyeshadows is just magical {Image 9}

And this weeks musts are…

Must Play – I’m loving playing Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch on my phone at the moment, it’s addictive!

Must See – The Busby Quints! I found their program OutDaughtered on TLC and then found them on YouTube, the girls are adorable.

Must Buy – I’ve been enjoying using ClickSnap this week when I did my weekly shop, I got a free loaf of bread, chocolate bars and biscuits (I guess it’s not really a ‘Must Buy’ but if you shop at any of the major supermarkets then it is a ‘Must Use When Buying’ app! I’ll do a blog post on it soon)

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