Weekly Wonders! #17

I know I’ve said this in the last few Weekly Wonders! posts but where has the week gone? I’ve given up having To Do list at the moment as I feel like I barely get in the door from work and get dinner and house stuff done before going to bed, let along anything else. I have had a very very busy weekend, I was up at 6:45am yesterday…ON A SATURDAY…and I have not had a nap all weekend – bet I pay for that this week!

Anyhoo here’s some of the links I’ve loved from around the internet this week;

  • I LOVE Annies Instagram, it’s the ultimate #nailporn {Image 1}
  • If you haven’t seen the JooJoo blog then where have you been? Everything is adorable, Afsaneh is such a talented artist {Image 2}
  • Cheescake Dip…I keep seeing it on Pinterest and can’t decide if it sounds amazing or disgusting…either way this mini egg one does look very pretty {Image 3}
  • Modern twist on the Easter bunny? {Image 4}
  • I really want to try my hand at making slime – this Beauty and the Beast one is really pretty {Image 5}
  • Simple but effect jewellery DIY {Image 6}
  • There are some amazing photos entered into the Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest {Image 7}
  • Such a handy guide! {Image 8}

And this weeks musts are…

Must Read – This week I have been reading the Book of the Bitch! Yes, you read that right, the Book of the Bitch, it’s much less interesting than it sounds though –  ‘A complete guide to understanding and caring for the canine female’ If you are ever interested in breeding dogs it’s a very handy book.

Must Watch – I have loved watching Emma Blackerys new vlog series, they are super long videos but I find her so relateble and fun to watch.

Must Buy – I desperately need to stock up on puppy pads, we’re down to our last few for Fizz and I get the feeling we will be going through a LOT in the coming months


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