Weekly Wonders! #18

Sorry for missing last weeks Weekly Wonders! post, life has just been a bit hectic. There’s no one thing thats caused it to get so busy I think it had just been a bit of a mad week, which kind of feels like a theme at the moment – this week was busy, next week will be busy and then the week after that the puppies are due and I’ll be off work playing midwife and doing some serious life admin…phew…BUT at least Spring seems to have finally made an appearance. Everything is better when it’s sunny!

Anyhoo to make up for last weeks missed post here are some extra lovely links to things I’ve loved from around the internet this week;

  • These chocolates almost look too good to eat…almost… {Image 1}
  • If we could go back and do our wedding again I would love to do a woodland theme and have a flower crown like this {Image 2}
  • Irish Cream Pretzel Pie {Image 3}
  • Unicorn cookies {Image 4}
  • I love the smooth clean lines of these birds and the water-colour like patterns {Image 5}
  • How cool is this DIY for Mood Ring Easter eggs? {Image 6}
  • I’d never thought about painting doors black but after seeing Sarahs finished rooms it looks really chic! {Image 7}
  • I seem to have a bit of a thing for bathbomb DIY’s at the moment, this orange blossom one sounds divine {Image 8}
  • A bunny in glasses!! Oh and it’s a pillow too {Image 9}

And this weeks musts are…

Must Read – My dog book and whelping guides! I think I’m pretty clued up on what to look out for now but it’s always nice to refresh your memory.

Must Do – I desperately need to clear a space in the spare room so I can get in there and take apart the single bed so that it can be moved downstairs, it was supposed to be done yesterday but I ran out of day.

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