Whats in the cupboards and freezers

As of January 1st I want to be strict in sticking to our meal plan and grocery budget, that means there will be no real food shopping until the first week of January so I’ve planned to use up what we have in the cupboards and freezers until then.

I decided the best way to do this would be to give the cupboards a good clear out and clean out (so many crumbs and sticky marks!) and make a list of what we have.


…lets start by looking at the nice shiny and clean cupboard. I’m aware that it looks very odd with the brown doors and painted outside but when we gave the kitchen a makeover a few years ago we didn’t realise just how much there was to paint, or how many coats it would take, so any way to save time (and sanity) was taken so the inside of the cupboards remain orangey brown!

Anyway, here’s what we had in the main cupboard

5 packs of microwave rice
3 eggs
1 family size Dolmio Bolognese
1 Honey and Mustard cooking sauce
1 Madras sauce
2 tins of tuna
1 small tin of baked beans
1 tin of sardines
1 small tin of tuna, mayo and sweetcorn
1 tin of sweet corn
1 tin of red kidney beans
1 tin of new potatoes
3 tin of chopped tomatoes
2 tomato passata
2 bags of pasta
1 box of instant mash
1 packet of sage and onion stuffing
1 pack of crusty brown bread mix
5 mug shot snack stops
1 Pasta’n’sauce
1 pack of breakfast waffles
1/4 pack of cream crackers
1 packet of plain couscous

And here’s what we have in the freezer

5 salmon portions (enough for 5 meals)
1/2 box of potato waffles
1/2 bag of chips
3 packs of mince
4 bags of frozen veg
2 chicken pies
1 bag of roast potatoes
1 bag of Yorkshire puddings
2 brown bread sandwich thins

We also have plenty of spices and cooking sundries

and some seasoning packets and sauces

There is enough there to make a few main meals and the rest of the bits and pieces will be used up within the first week or so of January – I’m planning to do the first weekly shop based on some of the stuff we already have and create meals around that so we might not be straight into our regular meal plan but I really want to get the odds and ends used up first.

I had a good look through what we had before putting it away again and threw out anything past it’s best and then organised it into baskets (I LOVE baskets for organizing in the kitchen!) so that we could easily see what we had at a quick glance – Doesn’t it look better?

I’ll be doing a blog post on our first small shop of the year in the next week so I can go through and show what we’re using up out of the cupboards before re-stocking fully in the big monthly shop!

Are you planning a cupboard clear out?

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